13 Life Hacks Of Simplifying Life With Doodle Hacks. I Like This…

You’ve most probably heard about this Crazy Russian Hacker that seems to harbor an insatiable urge for simplifying things. Well, he’s back!

In this video, the good hacker shows you just how many ways in which you can use fun doodles. Of course you’ve been programmed to belief that doodles can only get useful during summers as pool accessories.

Now you can start thanking this guy, because he’s come up with some great ideas on how you can actually make use of these accessories through-out the year. The uses he suggests are just out of this world, and you have to give this guy a thumps for the creativity.

So did you know you can use some doodles to drain water out of a “strangely” shaped tank? You didn’t know that, and the Hacker has now brought us this video for the enlightenment. And that’s just one of the tricks in the bag. There are still more.

You can get the doodles from a sports or toy store at fairly cheap prices. The range could be $3-5, and that’s really okay. However, you might have to cut up some of the doodles to use them in your preferred way.

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