22 Rubber Bands Hacks To Make Your Life Easy!

What can you do with rubber bands besides holding a ponytail? Well, there are so many hacks that the k rubber bands can do. Kitchen rubber bands hack come in handy. For instance, when removing grilled food from hot trays, hold two forks using a rubber band to avoid getting burnt.

More than 14 million pounds or rubber bands are produced annually. In the past, there were used to hold printed newspapers. However, the rubber bands play an important role in our kitchens.

Rubber band hacks

Prevent your remote from sliding by running a few rubber bands around it on both ends.

How do you prevent your cooking spoon from sliding while cooking? Simply place some rubber band on the handle and the spoon will sit still.

I hate when the straw slides insides the bottle. Reaching for the straw inside the bottle is not always easy. Place a rubber band on the neck of the bottle and use it to hold the straw in place.

You are enjoying your cup of tea, and your entire tea bag finds its way into your cup. To hold a tea bag in place, place a rubber band around the cup.

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