25 Amazing Rubber Band Hacks That Will Make Life Easier – WOW!

I believe in recycling. Wasting is a foreign idea to me. Well, that includes a rubber band. Rubber bands have numerous uses ranging from closing bags and tying the hair to a ponytail.

Here are some rubber bands hacks that will amaze you.

  • Use rubber bands to hold the cooking pans lids in place. Put two bands on each side and let run across the lid.
  • Use the rubber band to hold items such as kitchen knives on a kitchen board. Place two rubber bands on each side of the board and slide in the knives.
  • Hold a tea bag in the cup in place using the band.
  • Hold your shirt’s sleeve using the band instead of folding.
  • Use the bands to open stubborn lids. Run a few bands on the lids and try opening.
  • Place rubber bands on the sides of the hangers before hanging the shirts in the closet.
  • To prevent the hanger from sliding, tie some rubber band to the neck of the hanger.
  • Tighten the bolts and nuts easily by using a rubber band.
  • Place a rubber band across container paint. Use it to wipe off the extra paint.
  • Use the bands to hold the sewing thread in place
  • A rubber band makes an excellent bookmark. Run the band over the unread pages.
  • Use it to hold a large bunch of money
  • Use it as an eraser
  • Use the bands to cover a packet of potato crisps.
  • Having trouble buttoning and zipping your trousers? Insert a band through the button hole to the button.
  • Place a few bands on the mouth of the hand wash and squeeze
  • Makes labeling easy. Different bands represent different people
  • To prevent earphones from tangling, hold them using a band
  • Insert a band on the door lock for easy closing and opening
  • It makes an excellent tissue holder too

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