3 Simple Ingredients To Make An Award Winning Tarts – You’ll Like It!

The following simple techniques used by the chef from Simple Cooking Channel will brighten your day. Only three ingredients are used. The first step that he takes is to combine condensed milk and juice from two lemons until they form a certain thickness. This thickness is the secret to these awesome tarts.

To make it simple, he spoons the concoctions into three ready-made tart shells. The tart shells can easily be made from scratch as well if one is inclined to do so. To add an extra taste and texture, he sprinkles some lemon zest that he just grated over the tarts. To make the tarts set; he places them in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

This recipe is one of the best and we are curious on how it can be made to suit different occasions and preferences. We recommend testing it with different fruits such as limes and tart shells. If you have any suggestions and creativity that can be added or used to tweak this recipe, please post it in the comments sections below.

Watch each and every step of this tutorial and see how easy it is. The chef’s daughter tastes these tasty tarts at the end, as if to make sure they meet her quality assurance standards.

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