5 Breakfast Smoothies That Will See You Through The Whole Week. So Amazing!

Breakfast is not breakfast if there is no smoothie. This is because the smoothies are known to be the nutrient carrier that nourishes the body at the start of the day. In the tutorial blow, uploaded by The Domestic Geek, we learn on how to make delicious smoothies for the whole week. The best thing with this recipe is that it is not complicated to prepare and the ingredients needed are found easily.

The first one is the sunny yellow smoothie. To make it, pour a half a cup of pineapple juice or orange juice into a blender. Add a half a cup of Greek yogurt, frozen fruits like mangoes, bananas and some little grated ginger. Blend and that’s the Monday morning breakfast.

On Tuesday, you can make an orange smoothie by pouring a half a cup of orange juice into a blender and adding some Greek yogurt then followed by oranges and a shredded carrot. Blend and keep it in the fridge.

You can decide to make the red smoothie on Wednesday by blending milk, vanilla flavor Greek yogurt and strawberries.

Starting your day on Thursday, you can take the purple smoothie as breakfast by blending half a cup of grape juice, vanilla flavored Greek yogurt, cherries and blue berries and black berries.

Reaching on Friday, you better opt for a green smoothie. To prepare it blend a half a cup of orange juice, vanilla flavored Greek yogurt, two frozen kiwis and an avocado.

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