6 Amazing Tricks To Make Your Feet Slide Perfectly Into Tight Fitting Shoes!

Who doesn’t love partying with friends especially in this season? We are already in a new year and most of the gifts that were given by family and friends are clothes and shoes. But as you know, you can find sometimes that the shoes you were given are very tight and when you wear them on the dancing floor, the next day your feet have blisters. You don’t have to worry no more as in the clip below, that is brought to us by Glamrs.com, we learn how to make the shoes become fitting.

The first trick is to wear socks if the shoes are tight fitting for some days. This will enable them stretch out a little bit for more effective results, just blow dry your shoes while wearing them with the socks.

The next trick is to first apply some deodorant on your feet before wearing them. This will make you feel comfortable in them.

If your shoes are very tight, try applying some powder on your feet or some lotion. This will make the feet slide into the shoes without any difficulty.

It is wise to also stick a bandage across your heel or at the toes. This will prevent the feet from getting blisters if you are wearing tight shoes. If you don’t prefer using the bandage, you can use a self-stick fabric as an alternative.

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