7 Toilet Paper Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier. Unbelievable!

I never get tired of watching and learning the hacks of Russian Hacker. This time, he has brought another trick of making our lives easy and comfortable. It all concerns the toilet paper. In the clip below, you will learn the 7 different hacks of toilet paper that you never knew of.

If your pet is a dog and it likes playing with the toilet paper rolls, you can end that by just making sure the end of the toilet paper gets into the roll. This way the dog will not find out how remove it.

If you have realized that the toilet paper is finished, you can look for a paper towel and cut it and ten roll it in half. Doing this will enable you come up with two rolls of toilet paper.

While camping outdoors from home and you want to keep the toilet paper dry all the time, get a used plastic coffee container and recycling it. Cut the container to so that the toilet paper can come out easily.

You can use a toilet paper to make a toy called “marshmallow shooter.” Just cut the top of a balloon and place it on top of the toilet paper roll. Kids can shoot marbles with the device.

He also teaches us how to make a “tuna torch.” To prevent the undoing of the toilet papers. Get a can of tuna, a lighter and a toilet paper. Put the toilet paper on the can to absorb the oils then light the toilet paper. Be assured that it can light for more than a half an hour.

To make an outdoor stove for camping, just undo the toilet paper from the roll and put it inside a can then pour some rubbing alcohol onto the can.

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