8 Ways In Which Coconut Oil Can Be Handy Around The House, Watch!!

Have you ever thought of how long your eggs can last if you did something to protect them? Well, they can last up to a year. Yes, all you have to do is coat them with coconut oil or mineral oil. What happens is purely scientific. It is a great way to ensure that your eggs do not go bad easily. Many people have never realized that eggs can last that long.

What the coconut oil does is sealing of the pores, When the egg is laid, it is comes coated with a thin film that seals the air-pores in the shell. That ensures that the egg is protected from atmospheric oxygen. With time, the film dries up and breaks down.

When that happens, air is able to diffuse into the egg and slowly it begins to go bad. The coconut oil also has an antibiotic effect; this makes it great for protecting the eggs from any atmospheric bacteria.

Care should be taken when using coconut oil in drinks and food stuffs. This is important because you may be allergic to it. The best option is to first seek medical advice before using it.

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