8 Ways To Use Duct Tape That No One Will Tell You About!

Duct tape has become the answer to most of our problems; there is nothing it cannot fix. While you usually use duct tape to fix some of your household things instantly, there are other many uses that you don’t know about. In the video below, you will see eight other ways you can use duct tape around your home and uphold creativity, organization and safety. Some of them are listed below:

Portable cup

If you have ever wanted to carry a portable cup around and didn’t know how to do it, then you can use duct tape to make a tape container in any size that you like. A portable cup is good to use when there is an emergency.

Stay safe stairs

You can also use glow tape to light stairs. It will help you have a quiet time running down the stair at night. You will not have to flick or fall.

Duct tape roses

Do you love giving other gifts? Then you can use duct tape to make a unique gift for Valentine’s Day and make your loved ones happy.

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