A Clever Way To Tie Laces Which Every Kid Will Love To Know!

Do you remember when you first learned to tie shoelaces? It must be an age ago.

For those with kids and grand kids, you probably understand the struggle of trying to tie the loops in a way that will keep the shoes stay on the feet for long. Somehow, teaching children to tie laces may be a difficult task.

However, one mom found a genius plan. Mom teaches her son to tie the laces just before he joins school. The video of the mom showing her son to tie her laces went viral. She uses a simple trick that children can easily. Just a few knots and kids can do it on their own. Mom and dad can take a break from that task.

In the clip, she clearly demonstrates her trick. Soon after, her son tries and passes the test.

Watch the video and try it yourself. Let your kids or grand kids try it out and see if they pick the hack. Alternatively, you can teach them the old fashioned way. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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