A Patio And A Pool In The Same Space? What This Guy Is Doing Is Just Out Of This World!

So you have a space that you really need to economize, and you want to do it in the most creative way ever. Seems like you just bumped into the most exciting trick you can ever imagine. What to do with that patio? Check this out!

Here’s a guy that seems to possess the creative of a real genius. He decided to design a really cool patio that also doubles up as a swimming pool. Can you believe that?!

So you see a patio just sitting on its good space in the yard, and this guy presses a button. What happens next will leave you drooling for a long moment. What can you say about a patio that transforms into a pool at just the press of a button? What’s more? It can actually transform into different design of pools. See what happens when the guy presses the button a second time…and the third presses too!

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