An Easier Way To Check Gas Levels

There are times that you run out of gas unexpectedly. These are the times you wish you knew how to check your gas levels. However, a gas gauge in your kitchen is one of the things many inventors haven’t thought of making. The gag gauges currently available do not look like anything you will wish to have in your kitchen. Not forgetting they require you to turn on the gas to read them. In the hack below, you will learn a simple trick to check your gas levels at home.

The first step you take is getting a cup. Then just fill it with tap water. After that, pour it on the gas cylinder grill, and feel the grill with your hand. If you feel hot spots, that means there is no gas inside. If it feels cold, then you have some gas inside. That is it. You can now easily determine whether you have cooking gas, and what its level is.

Check the video below and to see the exact way to do it without soaking the floor with water. What trick do you know of that can save someone from beginning to cook and stalling mid way after their gas runs.

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