Are Your Windows And Mirrors Foggy? We Have A Reliable Cleaning Solution. Watch!

If you thought that shaving creams belonged to the bathroom alone, please think again.

Rachael Yatuzis, a professional house cleaner, uses everyday items to get her cleaning done. Racheal has several videos that show easy cleaning tips. I love this particular video because Rachael uses something unexpected. Additionally, it is not messy.

In the video, Rachael uses shaving cream. She adds a blob of shaving cream on a dry rag. Artistically, she spreads the cream and rubs it across the window in a circular motion using her fingers. After a thorough application, she uses a rag to wipe off the cream.

What role does the shaving cream play? Why use shaving creams on windows and mirrors? Play the video below to find out the answers. It may be the best solution to your cleaning needs after all. Would try the hack? Did you like the outcome?

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