At First, I Thought He Was Stupid, But When I… So Brilliant!

When I first watched this video, I got some mixed feelings at the start. There’s this guy with some baking soda, and then he decides to pour it into the sink!

Of course that could get you worried and really wondering at first, until you get to realize that this guy is a really brilliant human. Turns out, he’s doing this intentionally to solve a problem. Now you won’t believe this!

You see, a dirty sink is always a turn off, and that’s why you’ll always want it completely clean. But it may take you some energy and time to realize this, but this guy has come up with a very easy way to solve the problem very fast. You want to know this!

In this video, you get to learn about that, plus a few more tips and tricks on how to keep you stuff clean. Interestingly, all these tricks use the most available tools and materials. They’re also very cheap and simple to do. That’s always welcome!

So go ahead and check out the full video here and learn all this. Use it to change your life, and be sure to SHARE with your Facebook friends too!


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