Baking Soda Can Beat That Sag Under The Eye. Watch That “Magic!”

Baking soda has been one of the most popular ingredients around. It’s been touted as useful in so many ways, from cleaning rooms to brushing teeth. But have you ever stopped to think about how else you could use this product to benefit you? Turns out, this thing has more uses than you can fathom!

So you’ve those bags under the eyes, and you’ve always wanted to get rid of them, although you didn’t find a real way of making them go away. Now, what if I told you that you needed all this time is some baking soda? You would stop to ask how this is done!

You just mix the baking soda with some cold water and apply the mixture on the skin under the eyes. That’s the area inflated, looking like you’ve some bags hanging under the eyes. This mixture will get rid of those, and you’ll back to your former glorious self in no time. To make things work out better, use a very cold spoon to apply the mixture, and then leave it to take effect for about 15 minutes before you rub it off with a baby cloth. The results? I can’t believe this!

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