Before Disposing Those Drinking Straws, Try This Hacks – Useful!

You will find straws lying on the floorboard of our cars during road trips.  Well, did you know that straws come in handy during such trips?

One ThaiTrick video episode shows the various uses of straws beside sipping beverages. Traveling with excessive luggage can be cumbersome. Containers containing gels, liquids, and creams can take up a lot of space in your bag. Heavy luggage will slow you down too.

Straw hacks

  • Use the straws to hold your chains and necklaces in place without tangling.
  • Cut a straw lengthwise and use it to hold plastic bags in place.
  • Burn one end of the straw to seal it and place your spices inside the straw. It helps saves space.
  • Use straws to make makeshift droppers and drain cleaners
  • Cut a straw lengthwise and use it hold wire cables or phone charger in place without tangling.

Approximately 500 straws are used in a day. Most of those straws will often end up in a landfill.  Watch the video below for full details.

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