Benefits Of The Green Tea Mouthwash – Amazing!

We trust our dentists so much. We accept their recommendations for our dental health without asking questions. Whatever mouthwash the dentists recommend, we buy it without a second thought.

Our daily routine has a great impact on our dental health. Our morning and night routine forms the basis of our oral health. Every morning and before bedtime, we brush, floss and use mouthwash. We keep cavities and gingivitis at bay.

Well, what about plaque? Not all mouthwashes are effective as we are made to believe. Some of them have harsh chemicals that may affect our enamels in the long run.

If I told you green tea works better than the dentist-prescribed mouthwash, you might not believe me. Green tea has been used a natural mouthwash for ages now.

Unlike the mouthwash, green tea does not contain any alcohol or harmful products. However, the good old green tea has natural ingredients. It may seem bizarre, but it works. Most of us will be comfortable following the dentists’ approval.

Green tea reduces bacteria in the mouth and gum bleeding too.

Additionally, it has compounds that reduce gum inflammation and fight bacterial infection. It has anti-oxidants that prevent tooth decay.

Watch the video and learn how to make green tea extract. Beautiful teeth equal happy smile.

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