Cheap And Easy Method Of Making Homemade Butterflies! You Can’t Imagine What They’re Capable Of!

While on duty, taking care of my sister’s over active children, a couple of weeks ago, I had this objective of taking them for a walk to the park (to make them use a little bit of their energy), then later go for a swing at the Natural History Museum where a butterfly exhibition is supposed to be taking place. To me it was a perfect plan which was not going to fail me until the weather made an abrupt change for the worse and it was like going to rain heavily for the next coming few hours.
And here I was with two children who had energy to their excess, and extremely unhappy for not being able to take them to eyewitness what a room full of butterflies really is. This made me opt for the social media for some help of looking for an alternative way of making some homemade butterflies. I was so fortunate to find a simple tip which the needed materials were already lying around in the house. What a relief!

What you need to have is paper, crayons, an iron, washi tape, a crayon shaver or a substitute that can do the shaving, and don’t forget a parchment paper too. First we made an attempt to shave the crayons with a crayon sharpener, but it was so slow. Opting for the knife, it resulted to be too clunky. Upon trying the pencil sharpener, there it was, a perfect solution!

Watch the video below to see the whole procedure of the making the butterflies. Let us know what you think of this method. Please SHARE this video with friends; they will surely love it!

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