Christmas Ornaments Can Be Quickly And Safely Stored This Way!

Creating Christmas beatifications is one of the most enjoyed holiday activities. Removing the beautifications is the most irritating thing. If you ever experienced the difficulty of making the ornaments fit into their boxes, then you understand the pain.

Before you decide to leave the decorations for one more Christmas, look into these ideas by Clutter Bug on how to make the ideal ornament organizer the DIY method. Just as she states in the clip, the trick might appear lame in the beginning. Do not bother about the appearance of the Red Solo Cups. It is a useful idea that makes the task convenient.


  • Hot glue
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic buckets
  • Red plastic cups
  • Piece of wood cut to size

Watch this recording to get all the instructions and see how her organizers appeared. She winded up having to utilize two because her kin chose to have two Christmas trees that year, but she succeeded to get all the decorations from each tree into one container.

The sizes of the containers depend on you, but we propose the largest you can handle in your cabinet space. The container might appear large, but taking into account, it’s perhaps the only one you will need; you’ll be economizing lots of space.

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