Crack An Egg On Puff Pastry, And It’ll Make Your Morning The Best. It Worked For Me!

You see, I’m not exactly a morning person.

Of course I believe that breakfast is the most vital meal of any day, but I still find myself stuck under my blankets. I just can’t bring myself to get up and grab myself a bowl of cereal. But this problem of ours has now been solved.  I couldn’t keep my good self from singing “Hallelujah” when I came across this video, and if you hate getting up early like me, then this is your thing!

Here’s a great breakfast recipe that you can use to extend your sleeping hours. All you need are just some four ingredients that are readily available.

You can make this super-food at night and eat it for a week. It looks yummy, and you can imagine how delicious it can be if you take a bite of it.

Watch the full clip and learn this. You just might even want to start waking up in the early a.m. to make this every day. And it’s not something you’ll want to keep to yourself, so you might as well start clicking on that SHARE button and get your friends on Facebook salivating. They just might love you more!

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