Create A Beautiful Photo Cube Using Empty CD Cases

How many photos do you take in a month? Probably the number runs into hundreds.

Photography is an art. I love taking photos of my children. However, my idea is not to stash the photos in a folder on my computer. I want to display the photos.

Do you have any cool DIY projects that display your photos?  Like transferring the photo to stone or wood? That may sound a bit technical especially for amateurs.

Are you looking for a more traditional idea that is easy to create? Well, I have an excellent DIY project. Create a photo cube using empty CD cases. It is simple and straightforward. Thank me later!

The idea is to glue the CD cases together to create a cube. Getting the perfect cube is tricky but not impossible. It took a few tries.

You can use old or purchase new empty CDs for the project. Display your photos on your coffee table and leave your guests feeling envious.

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