Create Your Exquisite Mandala Coffee Table Like An Expert

If you love DIY projects, here is a project idea that will intrigue you. If you love making items from scratch, please read on!

One lover of DIY projects has made different tables throughout his house. Most of the tables built by Kyle have simple designs. Most of the designs are based on pallets. The good thing is that his ideas are simple, easy and fast. The finished table adds a rustic look to the existing décor.

I came across a video by Kyle that shows an easy way of creating a Mandala coffee table. The table is a unique, beautiful and artistic piece of work.

Creating the table entails drilling holes on the woodwork. The agenda is to create a convoluted pattern. In the clip, Kyle pays close attention to details. You do not have to imagine the outcome. Watch the video till the end and you will love the artistic piece.

How many views does Kyle’s DIY project have? The number runs into millions, and he deserves all the attention. The talented expert sells his products here. Check out his other videos on his site.

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