Did You Know You Can Do Amazing Stuff With An Old Shower Curtain? Watch!

Sometimes staring at a blank wall can be both boring and an eye sore. That was what Kati was experiencing before she decided to do something about it. After failing to get any great ideas, she decided to get inspiration from other artists on Pinterest.

She browsed as many images as she could, trying to find one that was both beautiful, artistic, and thought provoking. That is when she found a photo made on a shower curtain by Thomas Paul. She immediately loved it and knew that was what she had been looking for.

What made her fall in love with the image was the fact that it was original and she had never seen such creativity before. Most of the times, when shower curtains are old, people just throw them away. That is wastage because they mostly get torn only along the edges. Well, for Kati, that is history now.

Do you have any similar thought provoking original photos and images? Post your ideas in the comments below, there are many people waiting to appreciate your talent.

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