Do You Know Any Tricks About The Tape Measure? This Genius Idea Will Amaze You!

There’re those simple things that we just don’t give much thought to, until a video like this finally pops up to lay it before our very eyes. That’s when you realize that you didn’t have a clue about the power of some item like a tape measure.

You see, when you get down to do your home improvements or such, you always want someone around to help you with taking the measurements, because, as you falsely believe, you can’t do it alone. The truth is that a tape measure is designed with all possibilities catered for. At one end of the good item, you see a hook, and you ignore it because you’ve no idea what it can be used for.

Now, this cool clip is here to get you to realize a few good things about that hook. If you can get a screwdriver, you can actually do the measurements all by yourself. The trick is to hook the screw at the end of the tape, and then you can pull it and walk as far from the end as you wish!

Check this out and love the brilliant idea. You’ll never call on anyone to hold the tip again. Kindly SHARE this on Facebook!

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