Doctor Dishes Out Some Pretty Cool Solution To Muscle Cramps. Try This!

Some people wake up in the wee hours of the night because their legs can’t afford a peaceful night. Leg cramps – those painful muscle situations that make it a struggle for you to even wink at night. It’s time things changed, and this cool doctor has some pretty baffling solutions for this. Read on!

Dr. Larry Santora is here to answer question on how to deal with this undesirable nuisance of charley horses – another reference to nocturnal muscle cramps. However, it’s his suggestions that’ll leave you baffled!

Did you know that eating bananas can solve this problem? Did you know that having a good sip of tonic water just before you go to sleep can significantly reduce the chances of experiencing charley horses? Well, those are just two of the many interesting suggestions this experienced doctor has to dish out. Now wait for the moment when he starts talking about how soap can be used to prevent muscle cramps. It’s unbelievable! But it works!

Check out the video here and get to learn of the many solutions to this problem that’s been plaguing so many souls. After this, you can sleep like a baby! Be sure to SHARE this!

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