Don’t Clean Your Cast Iron Skillet The Wrong Way – Watch And Learn A Clever Technique!

In my opinion, cast iron makes the best cooking pots. I always used non-stick pots before realizing they are a health hazard. The residue from the non-stick pots finds its way to your food. After switching to cast iron, I realized cast iron has numerous benefits. For instance, the food hears evenly. Cast iron is the new revolution in the world of cooking.

While using cast iron cookware has numerous benefits, cleaning can be a daunting task. Scrubbing cast iron requires some skill and effort thanks to its heavy nature. However, I came across a video that made my life easy. It is a video on a genius way for cleaning cast iron cookware.

How to clean cast iron skillet

Rinse the skillet using hot water. Sprinkle some salt. Scrub the salt using the rough side of the scouring pad. By doing so, you will remove any food particles without damaging the skillet. Give the skillet a quick rinse. Voila! You are done!

It is an easy trick that has saved my life. Cooking with cast iron has become enjoyable. I spend most of my time finding new recipes and spend less time cleaning dirty cookware.

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