Easy Trick Of Fixing Bra Underwires. You Need This!

Women and bras. They just can’t live exclusively, can they? Well, a bra is one of those things a lady must have a collection of, but that doesn’t quite mean you’ve to toss them out one at time every time they “misbehave.” Instead, you fix it like a pro!

So your bra has its underwires sticking out of the base fabric, and now you’re getting a poke in the rib every time you make a move? Should that worry you or anyone in your position? The answer shouldn’t be anything other than a NO!
Turns out, that bra can be nicely “cajoled” into stopping those poking acts of annoyance. How you do that? It’s easy, and it’s right here in this video! You’ll just 3 items to make it happen:

  • Tacking stitches
  • The bra itself
  • Gauze tape

It’s simple, and you’ll find that out when you see just how easily and fast this lady gets to fix the underwire problem. Why would you want to get rid of a beautiful bra when you can just fix the problem this easily?
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