Ever Heard Of The WD-40? That Cool Thing Has More Uses Than You Can Count. See This!

It’s obvious. When your door hinge has a creek or is getting stuck somewhere along the slide, you get the WD-40 and spray it on the affected area. The results have always been impressive, but that doesn’t mean that solving door problems is the only thing this good product is good at. No!

The fact is, you don’t get the real value of this WD-40 by employing it just one way. In fact, WD-40 has a whole 19 uses, and that’s what this video is all about. You get a nice list and some descriptions on the uses of this loved product.

  1. Remove pesky scuff marks by spraying it on the floor and scrubbing with a hard-bristle brush.
  2. Unstuck two glasses stacked together.
  3. You can clean your toilet with WD-40!
  4. Use it to shine up your license plate.
  5. Glue stuck on your fingers? Spray it with WD-40 and it will quickly break down.
  6. Hate wasps? They hate WD-40.
  7. Use it to keep the handles of wooden garden tools splinter free.
  8. You can unstuck zippers with WD-40
  9. If you just worked on your car’s engine, use this spray to degrease your hands.
  10. Remove the goo from stickers from almost any surface.
  11. Loosen up a carpet stain.
  12. Remove paint scuffs on your car by spraying on WD-40 and rubbing off the scuff.
  13. WD-40 can polish and protect your golf clubs.
  14. Detangle fishing line. Simply spray the tangle with WD-40 and use a safety pin to detangle the mess.
  15. If you have gum in your hair, WD-40 can help you get it out. Spray and massage out the gum.
  16. Try a test area first but WD-40 can help you remove market and crayon stains from your upholstered furniture.
  17. Clean dried glue up by spraying it, letting it sit for 30 seconds, then wipe it clean.
  18. Have tea stains of your Formica countertops? Use WD-40 to remove them easily.
  19. Have trouble taking a ring off your finger? Use WD-40 and wash your hands when you’re done.

From removing tea stains from your Formica table to helping you slide off your ring from the finger, this is the answer, and you’ll love every one of its unique uses in equal measure.

Watch this full video and get to know about these 19 uses of WD-40. You’ll want to try out a few of them, and you already know what to expect from the works of this cool product. So get yourself together and SHARE this with everyone you know on Facebook. They need this too!

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