Ever Known How Chick-Fill-A Chandelier Is Made? Here Is The Secret!

Meet Kathleen Plate who is an artist by profession. For her, anything we consider to be trash is useful, as she uses the recycling ability to come up with something so amazing. Generally, she collects the old bottles which have been disposed and turns them to new useful items.  After Chick-fil-A became conscious of preserving and becoming environmental friendly, they looked for Kathleen who invented for them a chandelier using the Coca-Cola bottles

For her, she employs diamond and water to cut the Coca-Cola bottles into half. Afterwards, she applies heat on the bottles till they melt before she flattens them completely. She proceeds to keenly place every bottle onto the flattened sheet of glass and sticks them with a special glue which is often used in the aerospace engineering.

When you take a look at the chandeliers, you might think that they are direct from the factory, of which they are completely handmade by her. Giving a testimony, Kathleen said that the Chick-fil-A was proud of her and has the intention of making a chandelier for all their restaurants. What a nice way to recycle trash that every large corporation should follow to end contamination and to minimize waste.

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