Ever Witnessed A Rice Cooker Baking A Chocolate Cake? Get Ready For The Surprise!

Well, well, well. Whoever told you that a rice cooker is only employed in cooking rice, definitely lied to you.  In this video below, we clearly see a woman using a rice cooker in the preparation of an eye catching chocolate cake. To come up with this delicious cake, the needed ingredients are: flour, sugar, cooking oil, chocolate, eggs, and some whipped cream. The steps to follow seem very easy and the end product surely looks delicious. The only disadvantage that seem to occur is that she never explains the exact quantity needed for each ingredient, but with only viewing the tutorial video, you will never miss the approximate quantity needed. A note to take in consideration from the YouTube description is that the usage of the cooking oil should be about a quarter cup.

What are your thoughts about this alternative use of the rice cooker? You can bear us witness that however peculiar it looked and sounded, the outcome was delicious. Have any cooking tricks to share with us? We always love it when our viewers share with us some of their tricks! Kindly SHARE with all!

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