Forget The Store-Bought Fragrances. Learn How To Create Soothing Fragrances At Home

Even those that keep a cleaning schedule, sometimes the smell is still there. How do you develop good smell for your house? Here are some igneous and chemical free DIY projects that will leave your home smelling heavenly.

Disposal Refresher Cubes


Do not throw away the lemon rinds. Dice a lemon and a lime and the places the pieces on an ice cube tray. Pour white vinegar on each divot.Place the tray in the freezer and wait for6-8 hours or till they are fully frozen.

Once solid, throw the cubes down your disposal. Let the motor run until all the contents are cleared.

Mason Jar Potpourri


Drop some full cut lime, mint, thyme and vanilla extract in a mason jar. Pour boiling water to the concoction. Let the potpourri simmer and enjoy a soothing fragrance in your home.

Herbal sachets


Dried plants and flowers creates a heavenly fragrance. You will need mesh sachets too. Customize your herb combination for that great smell. The little bags retain the scent for up to six months.

Citrus boost room spray


It is an effective DIY spray project. Get a spray bottle. Add a tablespoon of Epsom salt, few drops of citrus themed essential oils and lastly water to fill up the bottle. Shake the bottle and start spraying.

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