Get Some Powdered Sugar And Do This To A Cake. It’s Too Beautiful!

You love baking cakes, and you love it even more when you can get creative enough to come up with a great design to decorate your already yummy cake. You love beautiful cakes; everyone does. Well, we just bumped into something that you’ll want to try!

In most cases, you use frosting to decorate your cakes. But what if you want to try something new, something a little bit “exotic?” Now that’s when powdered sugar sounds sweet, and it is!

You’re wondering how in the blue skies anyone will use powdered sugar to make anything look beautiful, but you can be sure you’ll be all for it by the time we’re done here. Just get these few materials:

-Cocoa powder

-Powdered sugar

-Cup/jar lids

-Chocolate cake – flourless

-Paper strips

You realize that there are so many designs you can use to decorate a cake. For this part, you might want to choose between the two most prevalent and attractive – a checkered pattern or a circular pattern (two-toned). By the time it’s over, you’ll be whistling in delight!

Watch the clip now and try this. If you think it’s really cool, drop us a comment and tell us, and also SHARE the clip with your friends on Facebook!

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