Hacks To Keep Your Family Busy This Christmas Holiday. # 12 Will Amaze You!

What does Christmas holiday mean to you? As for me, this is a time when I have the right to be at home without going to work, and keep my kids entertained in preparing the presents, home decorating and many more.

But the fact still remains that you can’t wrap presents anyhow or start decorating the house without having the required materials or without that skill needed. For this reason, What’s Up Moms came up with an interesting video in which they present us with 12 hacks that we can be doing this Christmas holiday to keep us busy in not eating only. When I checked the video, I was more that surprised to find out a perfect way of hanging the Christmas lights in a way that when time comes to remove them, it will be not a tedious work again.

But of all the hacks in the video, I fell in love with the one that showed me how to open a champagne without making it bubble out. To do this trick, you just get the champagne bottle and wrap it with a towel followed by placing it in the freezer for some 10 minutes. This will freeze the bubbles out and it won’t be a problem for you anymore.

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