Have Your Old Bathtub Effortlessly Turned Out Into A Tub-Sofa. I Can’t Wait!

Projects are a great inspiration, they have ventured in simple projects that have turned to be the best. The projects range from lip palm to chandeliers. Among the many projects that do crisscross in one’s mind, the ones that involve renovating and creativeness are the best. This was all evident from the Custom Tub and Tile Resurfacing staff in Maryland, which had the old and worth-less bathtub turned into a fancy sofa. The staff let the project turn into a success at the Holly Golightly’s apartment.

This sofa was made in a unique style (the twist), and great creativity that dates back in 1961 thus making the sofas at the Breakfast at Tiffany’s in the apartment to be fascinating and attractive to many. A number of people have imitated the same since then and attempted making such tub-sofas at their homes.

The power of an angle grinder and a sander in turning the bathtub into a desirable shape with smooth surfaces is amazing. Have a look on how craftsmen had all this possible. The smoothened and well-shaped tub sofa is primed and painted before the claw feet are fixed.

There is no need to worry further if you are a kind of a person who is tired of your bathtub and think of throwing it away. This project is the most appropriate solution. Learn the procedure of having all this a success at the website of Greenmoxie. Did you like this and you are ready to give it a try? Kindly let us know of your opinions in the comments section. Kindly SHARE this technique with all your friends on Facebook

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