Having Trouble Finding A Camping Stove? With This, You Will Learn How To Make One!

In the following video, we will be learning how to make a stove out of common items that are easily found. The stove can be packed to your luggage when you are going for camping.

HEET is a product that is common in the USA because it is cheap; costing $5 a bottle, and works magnificently in a cold climate. On the other hand the exhaust of the methanol can be poisonous and should be used when you are out doors and never while indoors.
Of all the fuels, ethanol is the best. It is found in distilled beverages. The percentage should be of 109 or 200 for it to burn well. Also, a little amount is needed to produce enough heat. The negative side of ethanol as a fuel is that it is hard to find and the price is elevated too. Denatured alcohol is easily found and cheap source of ethanol. You should be keen to verify the ethanol content it contains.

Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl can be if it’s an emergency. Although it can be a source of heat, it a little complicated in burning up and the fumes released are poisonous. The solution to a fuel that releases a lot of heat and soot while it’s burning, is by adding some little amount of water to it.

The recommended type for repairing boats and automotive is the fiberglass. If it’s not found, AAA steel wool can be used in its place.

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