Having Trouble Peeling Large Amounts Of Apples? We Have A Solution!

I love apples because they are versatile. They can be used in fruit salads and in baking too. However, peeling many apples at a go is not a fun activity.  It gets tiring at some point. There is nothing wrong with the traditional way of peeling apples. A kitchen knife will do perfectly fine. Nonetheless, when you need large apple quantities for that apple pie, you may need to find a quicker and effective way.

Here is a trick that will save your life. Be sure to thank me later. However, some pretty heavy machinery. It is super fun, though!

You will need:

  • Apple peeler
  • Power drill

How to:

  • Ensure your power drill and apple peeler are clean and sanitized
  • Get your apples ready.
  • Drill a hole using the power drill in the middle.
  • Start the power drill and run the apple peeler across the apple.
  • You can increase or reduce the speed as you please.

It is a fun, easy, and effective way of peeling apples. The next time you want to peel apples for many apple pies or salad, try the new trick.

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