He Built An Outdoor Bed, But It’s The Mattress That’ll Surely Blow Your Mind. Ingenious!

Believe me! people can get really creative. I’m talking about people like Jason Hodges of Better Homes and Gardens. This guy has an open yard, so he figured he could use a little nature around the place. What he came up? You won’t believe!

Most people will agree that they love lying stretched out somewhere outside the house, and a majority of them will have a day bed for that good purpose. Now, Jason isn’t the type to do the ordinary thing, so he came up with a really nice bed design that incorporates nature into the day bed. And what did he use? Wood and grass!

This video really blew my mind, and I can tell you that I’ll be doing just this tonight. Imagine stretching out on a bed of smooth, thick grass cooling your body and acting as sunscreen too. The bed is also easy to maintain. Just get a good watering can and a pair of sheers, and that’s it!

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