He Makes A Tasty Caramel. But How Did He Do It? Don’t Miss!

I like sweetened condensed milk, but I have never seen someone not using this kind of milk. Based on its name, condensed milk is from the cow, but has been condensed and water removed from its content. After that, it is blended with sugar to get a creamy, sugary and thick creation. This milk is generally in use in several cookeries as a principal component for desserts. Individually, I have for all time taken pleasure in eating strawberries put in condensed milk and as an inducement for my coffee.

Nevertheless, here is a beautiful and astounding technique that uses a tin of condensed milk. Put the can in boiling water for around 3 hours, and remove it.  When you open the can, you will get that the condensed milk has changed to a tasty caramel. It’s not a joke!

Warning: Ensure that the tin can remain entirely covered with boiling water. When the water level begins to go low, add some simmering water.

This is also called dulce de leche in other countries where they use this unusual method somewhat frequently. It works best as a sauce on cakes, cookies, muffins, waffles, and ice creams. You are free to get imaginative.

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