He Put Some Concrete Into A Soda Bottle, And What He Came Up With Is Just Awesome!

Have you heard or somehow bumped into this new trend of using concrete to make cool decorations? Well, concrete is now a big part of the DIY supplies for your home. More precisely, you can use concrete to give your home a great make-over without having to break the bank!

And it’s not overrated!

Here is Ben, a guy from HomeMade Modern(YouTube), who has turned into a big fan of this DIY trick and has come up with many cool uses for it, like LEGO nesting tables.

But this time round, this guy is into something bigger and cooler!

He starts out with some plastic bottles, a glass one, pens, buckets and some concrete. What he does with these simple things is what will baffle you. At first, I thought he was just playing around but by the time he was through with it all, I had to take a step back and gasp, literally.

This video guides you as you follow him keenly while he pulls off his great thing. It’s so easy and clear it’s hard to miss anything. Watch and get some cement and bottles too! You just can’t live without SHARING such cool clips on Facebook, can you?

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