He Stapled 50 Cups Together, When He Fixed The Lights? WHOA!

Did you know there is more you can do with the normal plastic cups?

During festive seasons and parties, you need to make your home a bit unique to fit the occasion. With that in mind, opting for DIY projects can save you a great deal of cash and at the same time achieve the much needed uniqueness. There are those projects which do not require one to be too crafty to satisfy his or her cleaning or decorating needs – those are my best and the clip below is just about that!

With some patience, some part of your time, plastic cups, a drill, Christmas lights and staples, you can come up with an incredibly shining ball. If you want something original and effective, following all the explained steps within this tutorial is encouraged. Though it takes a bit of your time to do it, the end result is worth the spent time.

When carrying out this project, you have the freedom selecting the color which you think will suit a particular room. For instance, white color can be more suitable for living rooms and there are other colors which perfectly fit rooms that belong to kids.

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