Here Is An Amazing Window Cleaning Hack

When cleaning windows at home, the lower windows are quite easy to clean. No matter what kind of stain they have. You always find a way to scrub it off. However, higher window-panes can be trick or simply hard to clean. In this video, we take a moment to show you an easy way to do it and not break a sweat. All you need to have is 3 tablespoons of liquid dish washing soap, a quarter cup of ammonia. Ammonia is optional but if you have some visible stains, it is recommended you use come. Finally you will also need one tablespoon of anti-spotting agent, such as Jet Dry.

Once you are ready to with the above mentioned items, watch the video below to learn how to mix them. From now on you will enjoy cleaning windows without fear or getting fatigued. The stains just come off after you spray the special mixture and let it sit for a while. After that, all you have to do is spray with a jet of fresh clean water.

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