Here’s The One Cool Trick You Didn’t Know About Growing Seedlings. I’m Doing This!

If you’re anything like me, then we can agree that you’ve thrown away so many overripe tomatoes that you can’t even count. But now that I’ve finally changed my unbecoming ways, it’s only fair that you do that too. We’re talking about using those overripe tomatoes to grow many more tomato seedlings!

You wonder how that happens, and this video will show you the real deal. In the video, we have the Wannabe Homesteader teaching you this important skill. In fact, it’s not even a skill. It’s just a cool trick that you need to learn. You’ll love the results!

The process is easy, simple and very fast. You just take that tomato you were thinking of tossing away, and you follow the instructions here. In 2 weeks, you’ll be the proud owner of about 60 tomato seedlings. You can then transfer them to a more permanent place and get to grow your own lovely tomato garden. Brilliant!

Check out the full clip here and try this at home. I guarantee that it works like a charm. Please SHARE this video on Facebook and also comment and tell us how cool you think this is. Great!

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