Here’s The One Simple Thing That’ll Keep Bugs From Your Food. It’s Working!

There isn’t a worse feeling than finding out that your food got spoilt by bugs. It’s the kind of thing that makes you want to burn the house and let the small morons die in there. But you won’t do that. Instead, you’ll want to find a much better way of keeping the small things away from your foodstuff. We bumped into what you needed!

Bugs might be very happy to make your foodstuff their playing and feeding grounds, but they won’t like the moment you get smarter and introduce a nuisance into their favorite environment. The item is something that’ll make you happy when those bugs finally decide to give you some peace. It’s just a leave!

The “Bay Leaf” happens to have some properties that bugs don’t seem to like so much, and that’s what you’ll going to exploit. The next time you go out shopping for your dried cereal, rice, flour or pasta, just be sure to throw that leaf in there and see what happens.

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