Her Home Is Always Smelling Good, But When She Revealed THIS Secret. WOW.. So Easy!

Jen has been keeping a very “fat” secret from us all, but now that she’s developed some sense of not-being-so-secretive, she’s finally revealing the secret to us. She’s doing it in fashion!

You definitely want your home to smell really good, but you hate the fact that buying Frebreze all the time is costing you too many wads. Now, Jen is here to stop all that spending and show you something much cheaper, and you’ll do it at home!

It’s a nice DIY on how to make your own Febreze at home. After this, you’ll only need to spend 6o cents to make the most effective air freshener you’ve ever come across. You need these for the process:

  • An empty spray bottle
  • Downy Unstoppable
  • Boiling water
  • Baking soda

Getting to use the ingredients to make the Febreze is as easy as you can imagine. You don’t even have to use so much time on it!

Check out the clip right here and learn this. You’ll never have to buy any more Febreze. Be sure to SHARE this with your buddies on Facebook and save them the costs too. You can drop a comment too!


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