If You Could Do This At Home, You Could Be Saving A Sack Of Good Cash. Watch And Learn!

Let’s face it: you love everything that seems convenient, and that’s why you would rather wipe than mop. That’s understandable, but there’s something else that you haven’t figured out yet.

It’s about the wipe. You’ll agree that you sometimes prefer to mop over wiping, because you think the costs of the wipes, coupled with the fact that they ran out fast, isn’t sustainable. It breaks your heart to keep bending over to mop just because you can’t figure out a way to cut the costs.

But have you known that you can actually make your own wipes, right at your home, and with the materials you already own?

Get this:

A container –air-tight

A Knife


Paper towels

Dish soap

Rubbing alcohol – ¼ cup

Do this:

Cut the towels through the middle and put half of it in a container

Make a mixture of the alcohol, water and a few drops of the soap, and pour it into the container

When the mixture is absorbed, get the cardboard tube out of the towels. It’ll slide out.

Pull up the wipe from the center of the roll and start cleaning!

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