How Do You Store Groceries In Your Fridge? Learn To Do It Correctly!

There is nothing as disheartening as removing spoilt groceries and fruits from the refrigerator. The mold and stench take over your kitchen. Let us not talk about food wastage.

In most instances, the fruits and veggies will go bad because they were not well stored. Avoid wasting time and money by following the simple and effective tips from Clean My Space. A smell free kitchen with a fridge full of fresh groceries equals a happy home.


Wrap your celery in a tin foil. Wrapping the stalk keeps them crunchy.


Bread should be stored in a cool, dry place like the microwave or a bread holder. Storing the bread in the fridge makes it harder and stale. Store the bread in a Ziploc bag before refrigerating it.




Berries are packaged in plastic boxes with slits on the top and paper squares in the bottom. The packaging allows absorption of ethylene gas. Package the berries in a similar way.

 Tomato paste:

Place your paste in a plastic bag before freezing. It freezes the paste in sections. Alternatively, pour the paste in an empty ice cube tray for regular use.




Place your mushrooms in a brown paper bag and seal the top.

Cottage cheese:

Turn it upside down to create a seal and keep out air.


Store the asparagus in a container of water. Cover the top with plastic bags and refrigerate.



Note: Store any food that is about to expire in the freezer for future use.



Clean your fridge regularly too.

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