How Easy Is It To Make The Cold Iced Tea? This Will Surely Interest You!

Tea has for a long time been the only other thing, other than coffee, that keeps you warm and happy during the cold weather. However, in recent years, people have learnt that you can make ice cold tea to enjoy during the hot weather. If you have tasted ice cold tea during a hot sunny summer day, you know for sure it is one of the best drinks. You just start feeling a nice cold feeling as the ice cold tea cools your throat, belly and eventually the rest of your body. The taste of cold tea is also unique and enjoyable when the tea is cooked right.

However, most people do not know how to make ice cold tea. So most often they end up with something that tastes as bitter as tar, which they then mask with lots of sugar or honey. In the video below, you will learn to make ice cols tea without bring out a bitter taste. Watch and enjoy!

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