How To Deal With Pet Stains Excellently – You Must Watch This!

So you have a pet, and it’s one of those that haven’t yet learn to care for themselves properly, so it has become your noble duty to deal with the situation every time the animal stains the floor or other place in your house.

You understand that these stains can be dealt with effectively by use of paper towels, but they still need immediate treated to avoid the bad odor. To do that perfectly, you need the information in this cool video. It’s great!

First, get these:

  • Borax powder – 1/ 4 cup
  • White vinegar – ¼ cup
  • Table salt – ¼ cup

Mix the 3 and to make a paste, then apply the paste on the stain spots and leave it to dry for a day. Come back and vacuum the place, then clean with water and blot with a clean cloth. There, done!

You’ll agree that this trick works miracles. It kills the bacteria and leaves the place with no bad smells at all. You need to try this, and please SHARE this on Facebook so your nice buddies can know about it too. Drop a comment and tell how you think about it too!

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