How To Make A Simple And Easy Vacuum Sealer That Will Keep Your Food Fresh All The Time!

I’m sure that you have seen on TV the promos of the vacuum seal bags. These items can be very opportune more especially in the kitchen. They surely ensures that our food lasts longer and also makes our budget economical.

But if you are a person like me who is always on the lookout for a cheaper and simpler solution of everything, then you will have to try this one out. The following video will help you cut your expenses on the purchasing of the vacuum seal bags. The trick is simple and cheap, since the materials used to make it are locally available and on a low cost of about $2. This will ensure that your fridge is full of food.

The materials needed are: some zipper bags, syringe, a packaging tape, two check valves, two feet airline tubes, and a two way airline connecter.

Watch the video hack below to see a detailed procedure of assembling the vacuum sealer. Make sure you let us know what your opinions are over this hack, and if there is another better option also let us know by commenting below.

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