How To Poach A Dozen Of Eggs At Once In A Short Time. Now I Have A Solution!

Sunday meals become very tricky to prepare because they are very cumbersome. What makes it complex is the coming up with a meal that is very delicious. This means that you will take a long time in preparing the treats, and there is no need, as there is a simple way that you can easily use to come up with a tasty meal.

For instance, meals that have poached eggs look appealing but can be difficult to prepare especially when many people are to be served. This is because you can make only one or two at a time yet there is a big gathering. The following clip that was released by Food & Wine Magazine, shows us a simple way of preparing the appealing meal.

Justin Chapple, a Food & Wine expert chef, demonstrates to us how to poach 12 eggs all at once which is faster than the traditional way. He uses the muffin pan for the dozen eggs, by pouring a tablespoon of water in each section, then breaks them each in a different cups each and lets them to bake for 8-10 minutes in the oven at 3500.

After this, it depends on your creativity upon which you can do with the poached eggs as part of the meal’s menu.

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